Thursday, October 6, 2011

Whom To Blame In Food Safety Issues?

Due to increasing number of food-borne safety outbreaks, America's food safety system since 1938 has been modified and signed by President Barack Obama early this year. It’s mainly about giving the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the authority to recall products that are suspected to contain elements that may cause diseases to humans from food.

Changes only affect large food suppliers since home-grown products for personal consumption and small farm produce were not covered. Still, one cannot fully identify food sources sold in local markets, unless it is fully monitored by sellers and authorities.

The question is who should be liable in past and future food safety problems. Although no one intentionally wanted others to suffer, minor mistakes in food handling can cause great problems to many people. People in the food industry should take their jobs more seriously as it is one of the professions with significant effect to human health- from farmers to final sellers of the food items.

It is part of the requirements that food suppliers should undergo food safety management training related to proper handling of foods. It’s their responsibility to check and report the activities that may cause harm to food consumers. But the fact still holds that nobody is perfect and there will always be a room for mistakes so everyone should keep their eyes wide open and obtain as much information as possible to avoid such trouble.
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