Friday, October 14, 2011

Alcohol License Training Guide

Alcohol training courses for licensing are designed for bar staff, waiter/waitresses, alcohol servers, retailers and other individuals who deal with alcohol retailing. This is required by different states for most alcohol retailers through the Royal Society for Public Health. This 4-hour alcohol training course is formed for you to pass the official BIIAB qualification examination for the Responsible Alcohol Training Reward.

It covers topics like how to avoid alcohol liability lawsuits, alcohol penalties, licensing responsibilities, social responsibilities, dealing with alcohol-related crime or conflict, and prevent under-age customers in dealing with early access, increase server professionalism and customer service.

With your alcohol license, you are allowed to sell alcoholic beverages for customers from a specific state or location. Without this license, you are not authorized in selling any alcoholic beverages so you will need to get alcohol license training courses and meet specific state requirements. Each state has their own rules and policies in getting licensed so it is better for you to ask information from the certification body in your state or government.

This course cost around from £20 to £85. Practice exam and an Official Invigilated Exam are included in this package. You will be able to print your certificate of completion from your Alcohol training course.Once you get licensed, you are now required to take re-certification training every two years or biannual for you to maintain and renew your license in the state where you work in. offers courses like Alcohol Server Certification, Basset Certification, TABC Certification Online and more. For interested applicants, you can enroll at
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